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Canteen Planter


Fresh Air Canteen

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The year is 3042.

My name is Deltron Cinnimon’Crunch. (our parents name us after their favorite things that don’t exist anymore)
After the 4th world war & subsequent destruction of all gluten the earth stopped producing oxygen.
This led to the coco puff shortage of of 2462 and loss of countless lives.
We now carry bio-organical canteens that produce the air we breath and water we use for our cereal.
There’s not many of us left but the ones that are, are woke af.
My girlfriend Etsy Avocad’Yoga was lost during the last battle with the evil capitalist dictator General Mills.
This is my journey to rescue her and save the world.


Most canteens provide water, this one provides fresh air. Up-cycled from an old water canteen into a wear-able, hang-able planter holding succulents. This piece is low maintenance and easy to water!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 6 in

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