Want a custom piece?

Personal collector or gift

Whether you need a wall mounted ukulele planter for that plain space in your study or a desk center piece to spruce up the office, I can make a wide range of custom artwork to best suite your personal space or as a gift.


From small to large ceremonies I can design custom bridal bouquets, corsages  and boutonnieres to match your budget and time requirements as well as provide the florals for the entire event space


Private Events

Living walls, floral walkways, hanging plants, sculptures, living bookcases, I’ve done it all!! With a background in carpentry and production design I can meet all your large scale activation needs to set your event apart.

Storefronts and booths

Want to bring some life to your store or booth? I got you!!! 

Find Out More

To get started I want to help you flesh out your concept so that we can bring it to life. 

To do that I have some basic questions to get our creative juices flowing!! Please click below and fill out the questionnaire.