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Black Men With Gardens

what am i looking for

be yourself

Be natural!!! You don't need a camera crew or professional photographer. I'm looking for images that show real people in their real enviornments. Prop your phone up against a book and snap a selfie with your garden or make a video of your care routine.

Dont Forget what's important

Yes you look great but don't forget to include the plants!!!! If I have to search for plants in your photo then you're doing it wrong. Instead of using them as a backdrop, try interacting with them! Also include some information about the plants in your photo for bonus points. IF YOU ARE A MODEL JUST TRYING TO PROMOTE YOURSELF, YOU WILL BE IGNORED. VIEWERS WANT TO MEET PEOPLE THAT ARE ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN PLANTS, IF YOUR OVERALL PROFILE LACKS PLANT PHOTOGRAPHY MY VIEWERS WILL CALL YOU OUT.
Overly sexual images will be ignored.

how to SUBMIT

Email submissions to with the subject title "Instagram Submission"
Introduce yourself and add a little information or caption that would go great with your photo and dont forget your IG/FB username.
Secondly I check for tags so use the hashtag #blackmenwithgradens and #bmwg